Sunday , August 14 2022

"Unacceptable pressure on freedom of speech." Channel "1 + 1" responded to the threat of legal proceedings of Poroshenko


In response to the words of the head of the BPP, Artur Gerasimov, about the intentions of Petro Poroshenko to prosecute the 1 + 1 television channel for “systematic lies about it on a large scale”, the 1 + 1 media group said that each of the facts made public in investigative journalism has evidence or witness testimony. About this, referring to the statement of the television channel Igor Kolomoisky write "Ukrainian News".

"The 1 + 1 media group notes that every fact quoted in a journalistic investigation, backed by evidence and witnesses. In the last week of the first round of presidential elections, the statement t This high is more like an element of promotion than a real deferral in court as false information voiced on the 1 + 1 air, "he said in a statement.

But the words of the chairman of the BPP faction in the legal proceedings Verkhovna Rada Artur Gerasimov about Poroshenko and alleged distribution of a large amount of misleading information by journalists, according to the group, "without details or facts".

In addition, 1 + 1 states pressure in this connection on independent media and freedom of speech, which is unacceptable on the part of the current president. He also explained that, in preparing materials, that the channel had tried to get attention in the Presidential Ministry "regarding the facts, however, the answer was not provided to a number of appeals" and added that they are still waiting for a reply to & # 39 w question.

Recall, on 23 March in the main evening of the television channel “1 + 1”, Igor Kolomoisky, the viewing program “broadcast Ukrainian feelings” was broadcast. 50 shades of Poroshenko ”, has been devoted to a whole series of disclosures by the current president of the country.

Journalists are told about the numerous organized pollution plans or that President Petro Poroshenko took part in them. The investigation was about offshore, "blind trust", "Rotterdam +" and "Svinarchuk-gate." But apart from this, the program included information about the possible contribution Petro Poroshenko in killing contracts. Includes – his own brother.

Strana figured that the president of Ukraine killed his own brother.

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