Tuesday , August 9 2022

Ulyana Suprun explained to the Ukrainians that cancer treatment with mushrooms is not a test at all


The head of the Ministry of Health U. Alert Suprun warned Ukrainians against using alternative methods of treating cancer, in particular, against the method of "physiotherapy", which means using mushrooms for cancer treatment. This official wrote on his page on the Facebook social network.

"Doctors and patients involved asked me to spread information about the treatment of cancer with nearby mushrooms and the National Cancer Foundation. Adherents of this approach offer a course and promise a full recovery regardless of the stage of the disease," he wrote Suprun.

According to her, this method is a treatment and an attempt to make money on incredible people who want to recover. The Minister stressed that it was unacceptable to use the patient situation, promoting the awareness consciously, and science has not proved how effective these are.

In addition, the officer noted that people who counsel this alternative are not usually medical professionals. Despite this, they set this instrument as a panacea, often providing their services for a lot of money and depriving the patient of the time he could spend on this procedure.

Suprun also explained that a single study does not confirm the effectiveness of fungi in the treatment or prevention of cancer.

"We can talk about the effectiveness of a specific approach if it has been confirmed by large-scale clinical studies that have been carried out for years or even decades (for example, randomly controlled studies). However, not one similar study on effectiveness and safety preparations made of fungi or their components not achieved, "- said Minister.

The head of the department strongly recommends that it is only evidence-based medicine that trusts it. "The standards of treatment are being improved every day. New methods are created with high efficiency and at the same time maintain the patient's quality of life at a sufficiently high level. their own side effects and some disadvantages before starting treatment, not in the process, or had not received any information about it at all, "he noted.

Screenshot: Facebook / Uliana Suprun

Earlier Suprun told the Ukrainians how well the Spanish healthcare system works.

It was also said that a new blood donor system with voluntary donors will be launched in Ukraine.

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