Saturday , June 25 2022

Ukraine took Angelina Jolie “prisoner” with her hot gestures in a short top: “Fire lady”


Tatiana Vorzheva, a participant in the Star Factory-3 talent show, known as the Ukrainian Angelina Jolie, appeared in a stylish photo shoot

The Fabrika star is gaining popularity on the Internet, garnering interest in herself with the help of photos and videos, reports. (Scroll to bottom of page to see)

Now 16.4 thousand network users have already subscribed to the singer on Instagram.

The beauty recently starred in a new photo session, appearing in an unexpected way – with an Afro-braided hairstyle.

The artist shared the video made during the filming on his Instagram.

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In the frames, Vorzheva appeared in a short top, long trousers and a jacket. Various accessories, including dark glasses, completed the look.

“Girls, in an” understandable “position, makes beauty. (That is, always) .??? I am a supporter of naturalism and convinced that beauty is health, harmony, nutrition, sport. the feeling of love. So, love and be loved. That’s the whole secret ?? “, – wrote the artist.

In four hours, the post has collected over 1000 likes.

“Beauty! Stylish and Perfect just fire))”, – noted one of the netizens.

Earlier we wrote that Ukrainian Jolie woven tight Afro-pleats, only small white rubber bands stood out on her head.

The make-up was light, with an emphasis on lush blue lashes. Various decorations complemented such a charming look.

The actress lowered her black blouse slightly off her shoulders and looked into the camera. The post has garnered a lot of praise for the beauty and style of the beauty.

Let us remind you that the Ukrainian Jolie lifted her dress to the point of indecency and froze in a spicy gesture: “Beauty!”

Politeka also wrote that the Jolie Ukrainian in a shiny top without underwear ruined her perfect body: “It’s summer, boy.”

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