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Ukraine Online game of the League of Nations at the Anton Malatinsky stadium 11/16/2018


19:50, November 16, 2018

Submit the League of Nations online game.


Hello, dear football fans! Today, Footballua.tv will host a text translation of the League of Nations game, where the Slovak team will host a national Ukrainian team in their home field! The meeting will take place in the city of Trnava, at the Anton Malatinsky stadium. The brigade of arbitrators led by Nikola Dabanovich (Montenegro) will be serving this battle. The start of the broadcast is 21:45.

Slovakia live live broadcast – Ukraine will start at 21:40 on the television channel "Football 1". Andrey Stolyarchuk will comment on the game from Trnava. In addition, according to tradition, the "Head Team" program will be in line with the national team matches of Ukraine. Presenter of Ivan Gresko along with experts from the Futbol 1 / Vadim Yevtushenko Futbol 2 and Yevgeny Levchenko TV channels analyzing the game. Also on the program you can hear the live comments of the game participants.

In Slovakia-Ukraine, the match match of the Favorite Sports betting company identified the following factors: 2.25 for the Slovak victory, 3.25 for a draw, 3.45 for the victory of Ukraine.

The producer does not expect a lot of goals in the game. For three or more goals to be scored in a game with a factor of 2.52. If two goals and goals are scored, the bet will play with a coefficient of 1.48.

The most likely accounts the producer sees: 1: 0 in favor of Slovakia at 5.50, 0: 0 and 1: 1, estimated by the coefficient – 6.25.

The Slovak team before the game with Ukraine suffered two losses – Gubochan and Lyubomir Shatka will be absent. The first will serve a deterrent, and the second will have an attack in Bratislava. But players with experience of playing in big games will not get help from Andrey Shevchenko. Andrei Yarmolenko and Marlos because of injuries will lose the fight.

The national team of Ukraine does not know the bitterness against nine games already. Last time, our Croats team lost at the final selection meeting in the 2018 World Cup in October 2017.

The last time Slovakia and the official game won more than a year ago: in October 2017, in the World Cup qualification, Malta was beaten. Since then, it was possible to win only in friendly games.

Close constitution of a national team of Ukraine: Pyatov – Mikolenko, Burda, Krivtsov, Matvienko – Stepanenko – Konoplyanka, Malinovsky, Zinchenko, Karavaev – Yaremchuk.

A close constitution of the Slovak national team: Dubravka – Gantsko, Skrtel, Skrignard, Pecaryk – Kucka, Gregush – Stoch, Gamshik, Mac – Nemec.

Read the predictions of Slovak book producer games – Ukraine can be on the link. The game will take place today, the live broadcast – on the "Football 1" channel.

Yevhen Konoplyanka attended a press conference before the Soviet game. The player noted that the team won victories at the expense of the team.

By the way, Paolo Maldini visited the Ukrainian team's Christmas dinner.

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