Thursday , January 27 2022

Twitch Eliminates Blind Walkthrough Tag – It was insulting to people with low vision | Games


Erin Aureylian Wayne, Twitch’s Director of Community and Streaming, announced that the platform is no longer tagged “Blind Walkthrough”. For a long time, it was sought to be removed by activists who thought the phrase discriminated against blind and visually impaired people.

Erin Aureylian Wayne
Erin Aureylian Wayne:

“I’m pleased to see that Twitch has listened to the community and removed the Walkthrough Blind tag to encourage a more inclusive language. You can use the First Pass tag in conjunction with the No Spoilers tag to clarify information about the content of the broadcast. “

In June, Steven Spon, executive director of the charitable fund for players with disabilities notedthat there is a lot of offensive language for people with disabilities on Twitch. In addition to the tag “Blind pass”, he also drew attention to the English idiom “falling on deaf ears”, which translated into Russian meant “deaf ears”, and other established phrases such as “blind to criticism.” Spon invites streamers to remove ambiguous expressions during broadcasts.

Twitch manager Dale Cruz previously raised the topic of working with the community on the topic of an accessible and inclusive environment several times. For example, him call ahead people with Tourette’s do not hesitate to create channels on the platform and “feel at home”.

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