Wednesday , March 3 2021

"Trolley Ship Stations" is the introductory version of the fire on the fridge cutters :: Society :: RBC

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"Herb Ships Stations" is the introductory version of the fire on the ice freezer

A spokeswoman for the Herbage Ship Stations is called, in an interview with RBC, a preliminary version of fire at Viktor Chernomyrdin freezer attacker. According to him, the fire broke into the ice freezer boiler room as a result of breaking security engineering during the operation of the work by the employees of the contracting organization.

"The fire is currently extinguished, the fired area was not more than 100 square meters .m. One injured contractor worker with hand burns taken to hospital. has set up in the venture to explain the circumstances and the incident, "said press secretary at RBC.

Earlier, the press service of the Russian Emergency Ministry in St Petersburg RBC said about two fire victims on friction, one of them refusing a hospital. The fire happened on the ship on November 27 night, during a fire, the cables, the equipment and plating were burned from technical buildings on the third and fourth fake ice ice. 110 people and 24 unit units took part following the fire.

The construction of frost freezers Viktor Chernomyrdin has been taking place since October 2012. The deadlines were deferred repeatedly, the Ministry of Transport explained that the reason for the delays was the differences of & # 39; The requirements made in designing the ice fridge. According to deputy head of the Ministry of Transport, Viktor Olersky, the ship should be commissioned at the end of 2018; in 2019, ice tests will be available.

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