Thursday , January 28 2021

Toyota turned the sharp picture HiAce into a convertible photograph:

Toyota was enjoying on 1 April, releasing a minivan metaphor

Photo: Toyota Australia

Toyota "joked" April 1, release minivan-conversion

An unusual novelty was timed to April Fool Day and the model returned to the Australian market.

Toyota was introduced in its Australian office a limited series of HiAce retailers converted temporarily. Reports about Motor 1.

The minivan received a 12 seat soft roof, which can be moved and its car can be converted. The novelty will be released only in the Australian market in the amount of 2019 units. An unusual adaptation was created in the company following the return to the local market and in honor of April Fool Day.

In addition, the company offers to convert any version of HiAce to one that can be converted. So Toyota is trying to attract a large audience.

The ToAota HiAce oven contains PieAce oven to be installed in the back panel. Can prepare cakes or meat, and on the dashboard it will notice the readiness of the product. Also, the car can have a coffee maker to connect to the cigarette lighter.

Earlier, Ilon Musk published a picture of the Tesla collection in the future. It was also said that Mitsubishi has introduced extreme Absolute L200.

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