Sunday , August 7 2022

Today, the Ukrainian team will play a key choice game in the 2019 World Cup


The result of the game with Montenegro depends on the fate of the fight for a World Cup ticket.

The men's basketball team of Ukraine today, February 22, will play home against Montenegro when qualifying for the 2019 World Cup. The battle will take place at the Palace Palace of Sports. The meeting starts at 19:00.

For two rounds before the end of the selection, Ukraine is in a difficult situation and not only depends on its consequences. For the only remaining ticket from the group, they are entitled to Montenegro, Latvia and Ukraine.

To reach the tournament in China, the Evgeny Murzin team needs to beat Montenegro with a difference of seven or more points, and then defeat Slovenia. In addition, there is a need to hit the Ukrainian national team for Latvia in their games. Latvia will play with the leader of the Spanish group today.

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