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The prosecutor's office has accused the police of surpassing their authority when keeping buyers for Poroshenko in Sumy. Video


The office of the prosecutor in the Sumy region demands that the police exceed their authority when retaining voters for the current president, Petro Poroshenko, but in turn, the police claim to be act legitimate. A representative of the office's prosecutor in the region, Natalia Naumenko, has posted on Facebook parts of a video that captures a little while.

"Video where police officers keep two people" to ensure the safety of the city's residents from the potential threat of armed men. "There was a basis for the use of special equipment, namely costumes, a person spent a long time in it?" – wrote Naumenko.

The record shows how a police officer breaks one man by hand and tries to pull it out of the room, even though he's listening to "I myself! I did not refuse!" As well as a superficial examination record, when the police discover a pistol, the owner calls "Flaubert on bertolet salt".

In turn Nikolai Lushpienko, head of the Head of Emergency Control Department in the Sumy region, said the police had acted legitimately and did not know that the men under control were employees of any political power.

"We received a call on line 102, which is one of the properties on Kurskaya Street, there is a bribe of voters. The police investigation team left a patrol. The policing at the address shown, indoors, with no signs or other signs of the politicians or political parties of the citizens interviewed there. After an examination, a pistol was found to be one of the men, so he and another person were taken to the Sumy police department, "said Lushpienko.

He also noted that after the office of prosecutor opened the case on the abuse of official powers officers by law enforcement officers, the police began an internal investigation.

"But I can certainly say that neither my colleagues who left for the call knew and did not know which delegates of power or political party were. We will send the corresponding application to the office of prosecutor," says Lushpienko. According to him, "Sumy's police force is out of politics."

"We comply with norms and law and work within the framework of current legislation and will not allow anyone to cross current Ukraine legislation," summarizes Lushpienko.

Earlier, it was reported that the police in Sumy kept two suspected men from organizing a ballot to the head of state, Petro Poroshenko, on the 21st of February. One of them found an object that looked like a gun. However, later prisoners were released because of a lack of corpus delicti.

We also wrote after the "Country" opened the grids on voters bribed by Poroshenko, the SBU announced the "election pyramid" of Tymoshenko.

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