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The ozone layer on Venice – scientists have made an unexpected discovery


Life is possible: scientists have found the ozone layer on Venice

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Serpenters have found evidence of the presence of the ozone layer above the poorer Venus regions

Scientists have discovered the ozone layers above the poorer Venus regions. An international team of astronomers discovered when analyzing Venera Express mission archives. The study confirms the circulation patterns of the planet's atmosphere. Scientists believe that this discovery will make adjustments to the current criteria for those living in the place where people live. About this, Icarus says.

For the first time, signs of the presence of the ozone layer on Venice were seen in 2011, but the cases of its registration were short, and the tier itself was very thin and positioned at high heights. During a new study, the scientists reiterated the data from the SPICAV tool, which included infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers on the Venera Express inter-panel mission board, collected from 2006 to 2014.

Scientists were able to find permanent, quite dense orange layers that have located above the poleous Venus regions above 50 ° latitudes, at a height of about 70 kilometers of the surface of the planet, in the upper layer of the cloud, where there is similar pressure to the ozone layers in the Mars and Earth atmospheres.

According to researchers, the volume of ozone on Venice was 10-20 percent per billion (0.1-0.5 units of Dobson). In comparison, the concentration of ozone in the Earth's atmosphere is a thousand times more.

Indeed, scientists do not even hope to add Venus to the list of exoplanets. It is said that not only the presence of the ozone layer, but its focus also affects the viability of the planet. In the solar system, only this Earth satisfies this criterion.

Recall that the astronomers have said the advent of Mercury back.

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