Sunday , March 7 2021

The mining tactical scheme did not affect the game of the game –

Hoffenheim's coach, Julian Nagelsmann, said on the game with Shakhtar.

Shakhtar beat Hoffenheim and kept the chance for the Champions League playoffs.

"Initially, they made two stupid mistakes that led to goals. They always lost the ball unfortunately. In general, we protected well in most episodes. I believe that there was no the tactical miners' plan affecting the game of the game, "Nagelsmann quotes. Official Miners' Website.

"In the first half, it was hard to realize our chances, because we were losing two goals quickly, this affected the development of events. Then we got to the score. We were looking for a balance. Well, of course, the opponent had minutes – hit the job twice, but by then, I think we should I had had the score 4: 2. Zuber hit the cross, there were a hundred percent opportunities … In the group stage we score 10 balls. It's still a bit like that, so there's a # 39; It happens that having so many goals the team has still won one game. It's unbelievable. "

"It's very annoying. It's terrible to lose in 90 + 2 minutes. We worked very well in the minority, and the game was very intense and intense. We gave a lot of energy and even managed to create an absolute three minutes. "

"Motivation goes off on a scale? It's a football I always want to take over. If we played on hold, we were asked why we were not playing to win."

"In the first game with Shakhtar, we protected in the last few minutes, and yet he missed the second goal. The fact that we could not keep the score was lost. Of course, after the fact, I would like to finish 2: 2, not 2: 3. However, we tried to win, as always. In the moment with the third goal in the penalty area there were not two defendants – there were seven players. We can not skip in this situation, we have defended well, using counterclocking. I think the best defense is an assault, with Gerta, on the way, also showing that if you defend the whole team, Not a fact that you can keep the score. If I was a journalist, we would also ask a question of this type, but I'm telling you honestly: I always want to win. And we'll only try to win Manchester City. "

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