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The horoscope for today – Horoscope for April 1: Scorpios need to follow the signs, while Gemini has a new relationship

The second month of spring will start resting for many signs. But there are some lucky ones that can enrich quickly. Want to know what we expect on April 1st? Experts "Apostrof.Laym" has already answered this question. In our astrological forecast, you will find out who should make big purchases, which will be in trouble, and to whom everything will be easy.


You will feel your own sexuality more clearly than usual. This will attract the attention of the opposite sex, as your vibrations will be strong enough. If you have wanted to win someone's sympathy for a while, this is the time.


Dreams of the dream of this day should be interpreted completely opposite. Don't go on in your affairs, in a quiet rhythm you'll achieve the much earlier wish, because you won't break the wood. You may have to spend time with children. And yours is not necessarily.


A good day to romance in all its manifestations. Apparently, the emergence of new relationships or the restoration of long-standing links. The fair sex can have unexpected meetings. And Gemini men should watch their lovers carefully.


You can contact your partner. Dangerous behavior is better not to commit. Pay attention to your dreams, the subconscious mind is trying to convey something to you. April 1 – good day for date, organized with taste and imagination.


Avoiding troubles will not work, you should be prepared for this. Show restraint and perseverance, then deal quickly with new tasks. Soon your issues will go smoothly, but now you have to be patient and be brave enough.


Try to be on your own with your thoughts and put them on the shelves. There is a good time ahead, but you need to listen positively to enjoy it. Past injuries do not let you relax, let them go.


Separate financial losses are likely to understand that you cannot save at all. Calculate your expenses so as not to be worthy. Think about all the movements in advance, or you can lose a serious amount, which will then be difficult to return.


Watch out for signs and signs. Now that your sixth sense is very sharp, listen to it. On April 1st, well-appointed discussions would be good. Even if they had arranged for another time, try to postpone them.


You can make a profit easily. It's important to notice its source only. If you can see your chance, you will be pleasantly surprised. Your financial situation can improve dramatically if you think logically about spending.


Trust your heart and do what you really want. Don't listen to those who don't believe in you. The period will be cheerful and fun, loved ones will please you. Enjoy and go on to your dreams.


You can discover new talents. The day will bring an important decision that will give you interesting information and new useful information. Be active and don't let anyone slow down your development.


Fish will be impulsive, it is better not to make big purchases and not to hold important meetings. Now you can win it all and lose. Your day will be similar to a tape measure. If you want to take a chance, try. But remember that victory has not been guaranteed.

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