Thursday , August 18 2022

The highest American model of the name Ukraine Russia, "patoti" in odd (photographs)


The best model and American actress, Emily Ratakovski, shot for the Ukrainian version cover of Harper's Bazaar magazine and his incorrect name in Russia.

Instacram image appeared by Ratakovski. "Harper's Russian Bazaar and Harpers Bazaar Japan!" He wrote the model, and thanked the publishing team.

Ukrainian subscribers, of course, are due to a mistake of a model.

"It's sad that Emily does not know she's shot for a Ukrainian cover, not a Russian one. Ukraine is not Russia, Emily!" They were angry.

"How you can not know who you're shooting … The pictures are beautiful, but it's very sad and stupid," their colonists were ashamed of & # 39; the girl.

"Do not be offended by it, just stupid," reads another comment in Ukrainian.

However, the Russian commentators were proud of Ratakovski's mistake.

"Does Emily know something that we do not know?" He looked into the future and saw that Ukraine was in Russia? Cool. Hello everyone from Russia, "they're joked.

"Even Emily does not know about the existence of Ukraine," others were mocked.

Nevertheless, the announcement of Emily Ratakovski collected 369,000 favorites.

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