Thursday , June 30 2022

The dollar in Ukraine fell under the psychological mark, the euro went up – news exchange rates – NBU


The National Bank of Ukraine sets the official hryvnia exchange rate on Wednesday, November 7, against the dollar at about 27.95 / $ UAH.

When compared to the previous working day, 6 kopecks fell into the US currency, according to the regulator's website.

The NBU sets the hryvnia against the euro at 31.94 UAH / €. So, the European currency has risen in a price of 9 kopecks.

At the same time, the average dollar sales rate dropped in banks of 5 kopecks and a total of 28.11 UAH / $. The average European hryvnia rate increased to the European currency for sale of 4 kopecks – up to 32.17 UAH / €.

The National Bank of Ukraine forms the dollar and the euro against the hryvnia as an average weighted rate on operations in the interbank market per day. At the official NBU rate, the population can not buy currency.

Recall that in Ukraine the dollar by the end of 2018 at 29.3 UAH / $, according to the prospects released by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In 2019, on average, the dollar will be sold at UAH 29.3, but at the end of 2019 its value will increase to UAH 30.6. In 2020, the dollar will rise in price to 31 UAH (32 UAH to December), and in 2021, to 31.55 UAH (33.2 UAH at the end of the year).

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, the dollar up to 10 November may be reduced to 27.9 UAH / $. The good news of the IMF, the location of Eurobonds and the traditional downturn in demand at the beginning of the month will have a positive effect on the value of US currency.

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