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The Bloomberg Dollar Bus Index shows the streak that came longer in the past two weeks, helped by a weak enemy, as strong data on the US economy on Friday sets the market-based tone for the start & The week.

"The growth of employment outside the agricultural sector in the United States has been high, and this helps the dollar. When heating the Fed's site, he put pressure on the dollar on the with the yen, but it has grown on stock exchanges and good statistics from the US for its recovery, "said Rakuten Securities COO Nic Nick Twidale.

The number of jobs in the non-agricultural sectors of the economy increased by 304,000. Experts expected growth in the number of jobs with just 165,000.

The sales of the yen were intensified after US President Donald Trump announced at CBS on the weekend that trade talks with Beijing "went well", and expressed the hope that an agreement with North Korea was already on the horizon.

In the foreign exchange market, today's volumes are low and rarely reach half of the last average values, as traders expect a lot of new data from the US this week to assess the state of the American economy . Green goods and production orders will be released on Monday, the Fed Chairman, Cleveland, Loretta Mester, will speak. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, comes to the idea that you need to see a steady increase in wages and consumer prices before continuing to raise interest rates, said Neil Qashqari, chairman of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank, on Sunday.

The Bloomberg dollar index increases 0.2%, while the product on 10-year Treasury bonds increases 2 pb. up to 2.704%. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping are considering meeting in Vietnam on February 27 and 28, South China Morning Post reported on Sunday. East USD / JPY 0.4% to 109.92, after raising 0.6% on Friday. The closing options include strikes: 110.00 (1.57 billion dollars) and 110.10 (451 million dollars): DTCC. Asia's trade was crushed. China went for a week to celebrate the New Year's picture, the South Korea market was also closed.

The pound increases losses as the early growth in London evaporates rapidly. GBP / USD falls 0.2% to 1.3055, after a maximum of 1.3096. Depositors surveyed by options near 1.3100-10 may cause a downward movement, where contracts expire on GBP675 million on Monday, dealers surveyed by the agency said.

The Australian dollar falls into a whole group of 10 leading monies, with the exception of the yen, in the middle of an unexpected reduction in building licenses. The number of construction licenses issued in Australia in December fell unexpectedly from 8.4% compared to November, while the market expected an increase of 1.8%. The indicator has been falling for three consecutive months. The data open the possibility that the central bank can take more "blugar" tune this week. AUD / USD falls 0.4% to a low of 0.7223. The couple's short-term accounts sold immediately after the release of soft data, filling up options-related bids, said the Asian currency trader. Economists predict that the RBA will keep its target rate unchanged on Tuesday. RBA, Head of Philip Low, will also perform on Wednesday.

The euro changes a moderate increase of 0.1% in decline, trading on 1.1445. The six month instability index, which takes on European parliamentary elections in May, continues to fall, as the central banks of patients provide a small scale basis. Novotny of ECB is expected to express hope for an increase in the base consumer price index in the eurozone.

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The dollar arises after the release of positive economic data

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