Monday , January 24 2022

The doctor explained when they are prescribed


Famous Lviv doctor Taras Zhyravetsky explained when and why antibiotics are prescribed for COVID-19.

On his Facebook page, he again stressed that COVID-19 is not a virus, but a disease that triggered the coronavirus. There are no effective drugs against the virus itself, none of the modern drugs destroy it, but the human body does it alone in two weeks, he said.

“Why do doctors prescribe antibiotics for covid? It’s simple, because covid can be complicated by the addition of bacterial infections, the” dormant “ones in our body, but our immune system blocks their reproduction, and those who “live” in hospitals and can easily enter our body when it is exhausted and weakening covid, “the doctor wrote.

The doctor decides whether to prescribe antibiotics based on the test results, the level of C-reactive protein and the presence of the biomarker procalcitonin, Zhiravetsky explained.

He explained why an antibiotic is needed for covid. According to him, covid is a disease that dramatically reduces body resistance, and so bacteria can multiply very quickly, which can lead to sepsis and speed up the patient’s admission to intensive care.

“… alternatives to antibacterial drugs, when bacterial infection subsides, until mankind thought, and I do not recommend reinventing the wheel, especially to those who were a political expert, and after a few months it came medically, ”the doctor wrote.

At the same time, Zhiravetsky noted that antibiotics should only be prescribed by doctors, and should only be sold by prescription.

“… but for this it is not necessary to frighten the entire population of the country for years, but simply to adopt a law, because all the heads of the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and deputies want Ukrainians not to self-medicate, especially antibiotics, and there have been no changes in 30 years, “he wrote.

The doctor also urged his colleagues “to stop prescribing fuflomycins, which are tens of times more harmful than antibacterial drugs, and not to spread panic among patients, as they are already starting to fear doctors’ prescriptions or not. take them when they really need it. “

The doctor talked about antibiotics for COVID-19
The doctor talked about antibiotics for COVID-19

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that Odessa volunteer Yekaterina Nozhevnikova had spoken about the collapse in city hospitals due to the coronavirus: patients fall off their feet and request euthanasia. According to her, there are not enough nurses in Odessa’s medical institutions, so often there is no one to care for critically ill patients.

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