Thursday , January 20 2022

The cryptocurrency market at the beginning of the week moves to different directions


On Monday, November 12, digital currency rates are traded in different directions. Thus, according to Coinmarketcap in 10.36 of Moscow time, the bitcoin rate fell by 0.05% and a total of $ 6399.66. Capitalization of the money was $ 111 billion. At the end of last week, the value of bitcoin was equal to $ 6432, the capitalization – $ 111.7 billion.

The largest cryptocurrency capitalization course on 12 November by Coinmarketcap
Capitalization of most courses cryptocurrency on November 12 by Coinmarketcap / Source: Coinmarketcap

Earlier this week, the rest of the top 5 virtual pieces followed by bitcoin trading in the red. The exception was Stellar, which the previous day managed to break into the top five cryptocurrency in capitalization. So far, its value has increased by 2.44%, to $ 0.274. Ethereum has reduced by 0.54% to $ 210.61. Ripple rejected 0.41%, to $ 0.503. Money Bitcoin dropped 7.20% to $ 509.73.

Capitalization of all digital money at the time of writing is $ 211.4 billion, on Friday the figure was $ 214.9 billion.

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