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The band leader Violet rock failed on stage during performance


November 11, 2018, 15:00

Front of the Ukrainian rock band "Fiolet" Sergey Martynyuk fell through the stage during performance. The event took place during a concert in Lutsk. According to the local media, the singer dropped under the stage in the dance when performing one of his songs.

A video of this speech appeared on the web. The video shows how Martynyuk gave the audience and suddenly disappeared from the frame. Floors and scenes can not stand and fall right under the artist's feet, when he started jumping. The musicians did not play the best, and one of the team members extended an assistant hand and then pulled it out under the stage. Martynyuk out, he was not embarrassed and continued to sing.

Earlier, "Vesti" said the famous Ukrainian singer leaves the stage. In addition, the performer Monatik fell from the stage during the concert.

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