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Svetlana Loboda arrived at the Botkin hospital in Moscow


The singer was at Botkin Hospital in Moscow

Svetlana Loboda. Photo:

Svetlana Loboda. Photo:

The sweeping Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda, who recently said how he was concealed by his admirators at the hospital, was once again in the shelter. The artist himself wrote about this on his Instagram page.

Note that the singer has an emergency kidney surgery very recently. A few weeks later, Loboda had already started a tour around Europe, but everything was not so simple. Judgmenting the last post in the Loboda personal photocopy, she returned to hospital.

"Today, my day started at Botkin Hospital, thank you all the doctors for your attention and support. I would like to express a special thanks to my girlfriend and room adviser, Anita Tsoi – it's Your help in the most urgent situation is absolutely invaluable. Thank you! Your body is slowly improving this means there are even more meetings and concerts in front of you. God is excluded, "said Svetlana's message.

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Recall that at the end of October, Svetlana Loboda, told his operation. The celebrities admitted that she was crying from pain and pain.


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