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"Surely, Sidkley or Tsitaishvili will play Chelsea in the Verbich situation," Igor Surkis reports – Football


President of Dinamo, Igor Surkis, said the drawoff results for the 1/8 European League final, where the people of Kiev will meet Chelsea.

– I responded to the removal silently. We had a very obvious opponent, it will be interesting to see what level we are. We are always striving to play in the Champions League, and Chelsea is only competing at this level. Our team is also moving forward.

I do not see anything awful in so much. It's very important to keep awful in this confrontation before the game returns in Kiev. Then, I believe, we will have opportunities to go through Chelsea. I believe in the men, I believe that the team is also optimistic about this picture.

Again, it's interesting to prove your strength against such an objector's background.

Before our meeting, several rounds of the Ukraine championship will take place, the players will be in the best condition.

There is obviously a totally different level of the English championship, we have not played with such a powerful competitor for a long time, so I'd like to see what we and how our youth is moving forward.

– Since the last game with Chelsea in 2015, Buyalsky, Garmash, Sidorchuk bought in the team. Will their experience help in difficult games?

– A team does not include two or three players, it is a complete team. Now the situation inside the team is great. Oleg Luzhny played in England and will tell you the best way to fight, especially on the way. There are no incredible competitors.

We have a strong and young team that is good enough, I am sure that the men on the pitch will give them the first and last minute to show their best qualities. Among other things, they have a crazy advertising and opportunity to show themselves.

If they want to go to the main championships and try them, you need to show your football, class and good football, of a high standard in just such games. And do not fight back for 90 minutes and hopefully some ball will fly accidentally or we'll go further.

First of all, you have to rely on your own strength, prepare yourself morally and show your strong qualities. In short, I do not see any tragedy because we have such an opponent.

– Well, that's the first game on the road?

– Yes, the home return game is considered to be a small advantage in case there is a set of successful circumstances in the first game. Then the excitement will be around the game, and the audience will come to support the team.

By the way, I would like to thank the fans again for their fake support in the games yesterday with Olympiacos. If before the home game we have real opportunities to go further, it's definitely sure that the full stadium will meet.

– In the first game, Benjamin Verbic will definitely play.

– Yes, this is a loss. Shabanov played well against Olympiacos, at the same time I hope Kadar was recovered as soon as possible. When a team has a competition and ability to replace one player with each other, it's always good. I would also like Brazilians to have the best possible conditions.

I do not know what the constitution will do, it's likely that Sidkley or Tsitaishvili will be used on the left. In my opinion, everyone who works with Dynamo, in particular, that I, the training staff, must have every employee believe that our team will be able to overcome this difficult obstacle, "said Surkis.

The first game will take place on March 7, the game will return – on the 14th.

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