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"starred in Scorsese and Jarmusch". Politeka


In the USA at 72, he died the famous Hollywood actor

Very grateful to the TV show The Clan Soprano, Martin Scorsese, Casino and Cigarier movie casino Jim Jarmusch, American actor Winnie Vella, died.

The family posted a message about the death of Vella on her official Facebook page. The actor died on February 20 of liver cancer. "We're worried about the news that Winnie Vella has died, and I'm sure no-one gets tired of this," said Vella's relationship to the social network.

Winnie Vella played the role of Artie Piscano in the Martin Scorsese "Casino" movie, which was released in 1995. In the series "The Sopranos Clan" played Jimmy Petrilli, in this show he was filmed from 1999 to 2004. Winnie played Vella A total of 50 episodes of episode film.

Earlier he became known about the death of Hollywood's legendary actress. During her career she starred in more than a hundred paintings and shows. She is well known for such films such as "Crybaby", "The Making of the Black Lagoon", "The Return Track", "Twin Towers", "McKew" and "Black Roses".

He also performed roles in the television shows "Alfred Hitchcock Presents", "CSI: Crime Scene, New York," "The Murder wrote," "Surviving," "Perry Mason," "Parallel Worlds," "Melrose Place "Hulk anhygoel. Julie Adams died on Sunday, February 3, in Los Angeles. She was 92 years old. This was announced by his son, Mitch Denton.

Julie Adams

Julie Adams was born in Iowa on October 17, 1926. His first role was 23 years old, playing in the NBC series "The Time of Your Session". In the 50's, he was a star with Hollywood stars such as Rock Hudson, James Stewart, Tyrone Power, Glenn Ford and Charlton Heston. In 1999, the actress won the Best American Gold Awards for her work in the west, and a year later the Arkansas artists were included at the Fame Hall.

Recall, the famous actress burns alive, the details became known.

As reported by Politeka, the star of the Terminator has died: mourning in Hollywood.

Politeka also wrote that the legendary actor, who had played "the biggest dog" in cinema history, had died.

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