Thursday , August 11 2022

Stanislav Boklan of "The Servant of the People" addressed the people, quarter 95


picture - quarter 95

picture – quarter 95

The famous actor Stanislav Boklan recorded a video message where he stood up for Ukrainian presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky, after a shock of criticism by opponents his participation in the elections of Ukraine. Regarding this Friday, February 22, he reports the issue of "Business Media" with reference to the official "Quad 95 95" Instagram channel.

"Dear friends! I, Stanislav Boklan. You know, I've always been fortunate to have friends. I've been my friends honestly, fairly, usually, and one of them is Volodya Zelensky. Alexandrovich Zelensky. And I'm very unpleasant to have my friend been insulted. Surely insulting the insults, as if he hid behind names, speaking names. Men, try to defile at the length of an arm Try it! Someone may give you a face for that. Personally, I would not want to vote. Voting for others, But giving me the best to insult It was not painful. ", – said the actor Stanislav Boklan.

In the comments the subscribers of the actor Boklan and Zelensky supported.

"Stas Boklan, a high level artist, and I believe is a very good and honest person. It's great when there are friends. And we will go to vote for Vladimir with the whole family. We just believe in your team, "Olga wrote in the comments.

"Very accurate words. I agree completely with you. Everyone can offend from a distance, but in person they can not say what they think in their eyes," added Natalia.

We will be reminded, earlier, that the famous actor Vladimir Zelensky was reported to have turned to Pedro Poroshenko in a new issue about how work days take place on the set of the film "Servant of the People" and prepare for the presidential elections in Ukraine .

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