Tuesday , August 9 2022

Sony PlayStation 5 disappoints all buyers


Since the last generation of games consoles entered the market, a lot of time has passed, and to be more precise, at least five and a half years, where their technical equipment has become outdated. As the existing consoles cannot satisfy applications and user needs anymore, in the near future they will be officially launched with their launch to sell, prefix as Sony PlayStation 5. It will receive tools advanced technical, including AMD hardware.

By special order Japanese Japanese, American AMD corporation has created unique technical tools for the PS5, which collectively provides power of 14 teraflops, that is, incredibly large. From the official source, it is known that Sony PlayStation 5 will easily cope with solutions in a 4K solution on 60 frame per second, and will also be able to provide support for an 8K solution, but, by all similar, at a lower frame rate. All this seems to be too many things, but a minus, which overlaps with all the benefits.

As it has been reported at the end of 2018, a console does not have a Sony PlayStation 5 game, to save space in the case, as well as protecting the interests of developers, an optical campaign for disks. These will not be supported, but on the front of the users there are three USB Math-C interface waiting for them immediately, which can be used to refill different tools and, in addition, to connect additional devices, such as hard drives . All games on the PS5 will have to be purchased in digital format.

At first glance, it seems that there is nothing wrong, but in reality this is not true. Because of this, because of this, the owners of the Sony PlayStation 5 console will be forced to buy new licensed copies of the games, and you will not be able to transfer them to anyone or sell them. The PSN digital service agreement prohibits the transfer of an account. All this means that PS5 owners will have to buy games at their full cost of $ 50 to $ 80, and this will be a big financial blow to the console users than everyone else and unhappy. Because of this, according to Sony, sales of new games should increase dramatically, and with them the profits of developers will increase.

Earlier, it was said that the Sony PlayStation 5K HDR game console had stunned everyone with a crazy price.

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