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Singing MARUV in Ukrainian in X-Factor – a video of Anna Korsun's performance

MARUV is singing in Ukraine: video of performance

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Anna Korsun honored an X-Factor performance

MARUV singer and brother MARUV, who became the winner of the National Selection of 2019, has always drawn to the music. So, he started his career back in 2013. Anna took part in all kinds of talent shows and all was remembered for his performance in "X-Factor".

The singer did not reach the final, although she hoped that everything would turn out differently. "I thought we would take a million hryvnia, take a bunch of clips, but I did not take it …", said the singer.

Video: (YouTube / X-Factor)

By the way, after the television project, the artist met Mikhail Busin (DJ Boosin) and recorded the first track of the name "Spinny". The premiere was held in September, and in October came a beautiful video for this song. But the real fake of the video on the new track – "Drunk Groove", which was performed in March 2018.

At the same time, the singer officially announced that MARUV is a creative nickname from now on, and she's a single performer. Along with Mikhail Busin, Anna organized the sound production "Zori Sound".

Recall that MARUV should stop its tour in Russia under the terms of the Eurovision competition. At the same time, in April, the singer has already planned an individual concert in Moscow.

We wrote that the Ukrainians share Ukrainians in two camps. Not all users responded favorably to win favorites.

Earlier, Maruv was shocked by the pro-Russian statement.

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