Saturday , May 28 2022

Shooting at Churchill restaurant in Dnipro: details


On the fact of the shooting at Churchill’s cafe in Dnipro, police opened a criminal case. As a result of the conflict between a group of men and the security of the organization, four victims were taken to hospital.

The conflict situation arose near the cafe on Korolenko street on November 28 around 5:00. This is reported by the Information, with reference to the police press service.

As the police discovered, the appointed establishment, despite the quarantine, worked in the evenings by prior arrangement. Five vacationers entered the cafe through the service door. Already in the morning, a scuffle broke out on the street between the customers and the security of the café, and as a result the 37-year-old guard received gunshot wounds and was taken to hospital. Three other visitors to the café were stabbed.

On this fact, criminal proceedings were opened under Part 4 of Article 296 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (hooliganism). Now that an action-research group is working there, a search is being carried out in the café. Cases of traumatic weapons were removed from the crime scene. Police discover all the circumstances surrounding the incident and establish who is involved in hooligan actions.

It was also established that since the beginning of November, during the preventative measures, the police had recorded 8 breaches of quarantine norms by the administration of the said organization. On the facts of the crimes disclosed, 5 administrative protocols have been drawn up under Article 44-3 of the Administrative Offenses Code.

Earlier we reported that a conflict had arisen between two men in Nagorny Lane, which ended in a shooting. One of them was taken from the scene by ambulance. They also wrote that several masked men opened fire and smashed the wheels of two Mercedes minibuses on the Front Line.

Margarita Turchak

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