Friday , August 19 2022

Sharp patents fold clamshell smartphones on hinges


Sharp, the Japanese giant of technology, continues to try to attract attention as a smartphone manufacturer. The company moved the focus of mobile device sales from the domestic market to the European one and even released some pretty good devices from the Aquos line. However, the share of Sharp's global market is still very small. It now appears that the company intends to enter the top section due to the release of a smart phone that has folded and has already patented a device of this type.

The patent application was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization in 2017. Given the sketches presented in the document, the Sharp smartphone has the same form factor attributed to the updated version. o Motorola RAZR reports,

Unlike the last, the Japanese maker's smartphone has two hinged devices, that is, the device turns in two places, which makes it very compact. When folded, the display size is about 4 inches. LetsGoDigital's resource publishes 3D-renders, created on the basis of patent drawings.

This scheme is very similar to the newly discovered patent of the ZTE smartphone which is folded. They have been united by the fact that both do not add up in the middle, and in the fold state the upper part of the screen remains visible. It shows time, notices and other information. The disadvantage of this design is that this area of ​​the exhibition is subject to scratches and damage. It is similar, therefore, that Sharp engineers have provided two columns so you can completely close the screen.

As you know, folding beds are still very popular in Japan. As five years ago, every fourth smartphone sold in this country has such a big factor, so there may also be demand for devices with flexible screens, which fold in half.

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