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Serie A. Juventus managers under investigation in Luis Suarez’s examination

A corruption case involving Luis Suarez’s acquisition of Italian citizenship is gaining momentum.

The rector of the University for Foreigners in Perugia and the teachers who took the Uruguayan footballer’s examination have been suspended for eight months. Juventus Turin’s management is now under official investigation.

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Luis Suarez left Barcelona at the end of the 2019/20 season and was supposed to strengthen the Turin club. In Perugia, he took the Italian language exam to get an Italian passport and not to be considered a legionary in Serie A, as footballers outside the EU had no place in the “old lady”.

“The content of the exam was communicated to the footballer in advance to ensure a specific exam result at the request of Juventus and a positive image, both personally and for the university.

The investigation also allowed us to understand how, in the early days of September, the leadership of the Turin club worked at the highest organizational level to secure Suarez’s Italian citizenship. This leads to new assumptions against non-university people ”, – La Gazzetta dello Sport quoted in a press release from Perugia prosecutors.

  • Initially, Suarez’s transfer collapsed because he didn’t have time to get citizenship anyway before the transfer window closed.
  • As a result, the Uruguayan stayed in Spain, where he now plays for Atlético.
  • In 9 official matches for the Madrid club, Suarez scored 5 goals.

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Spanish Championship

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