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Russian Assault in Azov Sea – Online Events Chronicle

In the Azov Sea on November 25, it happened Russian assault on a group of Ukrainian war ships – Capture "Yani Kapu" boats and two small artillery boats "Berdyansk" and "Nikopol" by the special forces of the attacker's country.

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November 26

12:38 National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) November 26 urgently gather heads of the largest banks in the country in connection with the possibility of imposing martial law on the NSDC recommendation.

At the same time, the NBU ensured that there is no basis for introducing administrative measures in the currency exchange and foreign exchange markets. Earlier, the National Bank stated that the martial law will not affect the work of banks.

12:28 In Russia broke new hysteria after what they did in Azov, and moved the blame from themselves to Ukraine – Moscow is calling on Ukraine to secure the security of the Russian Embassy in Kiev, where the campaigners burned tire and made protests violent against aggressive in Russia in the Azov Sea.

In addition, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs of Ukraine invited the Russian Federation, said the speaker of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is also sure that Ukraine has organized a disaster in the Azov Sea.

"Again, the reason for this call is the aggressive and enthusiastic actions of the Ukrainian side. After all, this is not only contrary to legal norms by Ukraine, but causes inclination and aggressive action. I do not understand, this collapse and all the complexity of preliminary steps have been prepared in advance. "– said Zakharova.

12:09 The International Monetary Fund (IMF) does not see any legal obstacles to the continuation of cooperation with Ukraine if martial law is presented as recommended by the NSDC. This was reported at the Kiev office of the IMF.

"The IMF does not have any formal legal exclusions.preventing the continuation of cooperation in the martial law. The Institute has already worked with a number of countries whose territory has revealed military conflicts of various activities ", – he said in a statement.

With this The risk of fighting law hit on Ukrainian stocks and Eurobonds – the rate of most liquid shares of Ukrainian companies trading on overseas sites is reduced before the Verkhovna Rada meeting appointed at 16:00 for the introduction of martial law in the Ukraine.

"Russian Assault in the Azov Sea: how will Ukraine respond?" – special issue "Today":

12:01 Ukraine is preparing a statement to the ECHR about keeping Russian marines from Russia during an armed assault in the Azov Sea, said Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine – Commissioner of the ECHR Ivan Lishchina.

11:42 In Kharkov, throwing flames from operators in Russia's consul, leading to a fire break. Participants of the protestant "Glory to the nation – death to enemies", "Ukraine Put Mustache", "Russian Death – Donbas world". In addition, they set up a tent for picking around the clock.


11:28 Law of fighting, which the National Security Council recommended to introduce in Ukraine, it does not automatically cancel cancel elections. This was stated by the first deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko, commenting on the statements that the question of presenting the situation in Ukraine was probably raised to cancel the elections.

11:26 At this time Russia does not provide any official information on the location of Ukrainian caught at the front of the Azov sea. Lyudmila Denisova, a representative of the Verkhovna Rada on human rights, said in this regard to the "Segodnya" site.

However, according to Denisova, Russia's ombudsman, Tatyana Moskalkova, contacted and promised to officially inform Ukraine information about the health status of Ukrainians, where they were and whether they were receiving medical help.

11:20 President of Ukraine should Petro Poroshenko to Russia asking for the release of kept ships and Ukrainian sailors. He said this at a meeting of the National Security Council and Defense.

10:56 The West should not give Russia a new aggressive brake against Ukraine, and the Ukrainians, as four years ago, will have to rely on their own forces when replacing the assault, said the Resilience Group co-ordinator, deputy of the people Dmitry Tymchuk.

10:21 The assault in the Kerch refused Russia shares – – Indexes of Russian stock have dropped significantly against the background of "Azov crisis". So ohThe remainder of the key Russian stock indices – RTS – on November 26 morning was below the mark of 1,100 points.

09:54 Three other countries condemn Russia's actions to seize the Ukrainian vessels in the Azov Sea. Foreign ministers of Estonia, Denmark and Romania called on Moscow to observe international law norms.

09:37 It became known are caught on Azov, Ukrainian ships laid in Kerch, pictures and videos of damaged ships that were badly damaged to a city that had a possession in the Crimea. On Genmola, they embodied the artillery boat that had been damaged in "Berdyansk", the cheating fire of Yana Kapu and the "Nikopol" IBAK who had come down under his own power.

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09:23 Now Navy Ukrainian bring full notice, and leaving naval ships, at the Odessa port, leaving the harbor and setting fun. The sailors rose in alarm, half a night with the equipment collected at the centers. In addition, under the southern executive command building, military troops are on duty to equip military producers, and Odessa's law enforcement has changed to a better system.

08:48 Because of the Russian aggression on Azov, the Verkhovna Rada must approve martial law. The Senedd meeting will start at 16:00 and will be held behind closed doors.

08:33 National Bank of Ukraine said that Fight law will not affect banks, and the head of the NBU, Jacob Smoliy, at a NSDC meeting assists Ukrainians for the work of the banking system.

08:22 The occupation authorities representative, the general director known as the "Crimean Sea Ports" company, Alexei Volkov Kerch was opened to move civil courts.

08:02 That United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations Nikki Haley said United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Russian aggression against Ukraine in Azov.

07:39 Appearances Polish response to Russian aggression in the Azov Sea. Warsaw is sure that Moscow is guilty of increasing tension in the waters of the Azov Sea, because it breaks the fundamental principles of international law. In particular, we are talking about breaking the integrity and territorial sovereignty of Ukraine by the Russian Federation.

07:02 Armed Forces of Ukraine on full notice. This was done on the basis of the decision of the National Security Council and the Protection of Ukraine on the introduction of the legal law of martial law.

06:37 The "Resistance of Information" group coordinator, people's proxy of "Front Popular" Dmitry Tymchuk, The attacker moved to the active period named two reasons for causing Russia in Azov. The politician also explained why the Kremlin decided to "erase away" at Azov at the moment.

05:41 Chief Staff General of Armed Forces of Ukraine Victor Muzhenko told details of the Russians' assault on the Ukrainian ships in the River Kerch. According to him, the Armed Forces of the Supreme Court of Ukraine Armed Forces were fired when they returned to Odessa, without receiving information about the possibility of passing under Kerch Bridge.

05:28 The head of Ukrainian government, Volodymyr Groysman, suddenly responded to the Russian assault in the Azov Sea and said this needs to end up. In addition, he believes that need to move all the possibilities for the protection of Ukraine.


04:52 – SBU is in full fighting, anti-eradication activities have been strengthened in the country.

04:36 – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expresses a category protest From the Russian Federation in connection with the armed assault and seizure of the Ukrainian military boats Berdyansk, Nikopol and the draw of Yana Kapu, as well as the wounding and captivity of their crew members

04:28 – Russia will send the ships kept from the Ukrainian Navy at Kerch port.

03:49 – Turchinov, in the case of normalization of the situation in the country, said the law of law of law can be canceled at any time.

03:34 – Destroyed 23 Ukrainian sailors of the ships held by the Russian military is anonymous

03:06 – Police of Ukraine have translated into a better service mode.

02:29 – The EU and NATO call on Russia Do not exacerbate the situation in the Kerch Valley.

02:12 – President Peter Poroshenko asks the Verkhovna Rada to be considered in an exceptional meeting on Monday the decision to impose martial law in Ukraine.

01:45 – In the case of the introduction of martial law, Ukraine's banking system work will not be trampled. This was noted by the Chairman of the National Bank Jacob Smoliy at a meeting of the Defense National Security Council.

01:28 – Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Paruby said he was convening an extraordinary full session of parliament on Monday at 16:00. "In accordance with the decision of the National Security Council and the Protection of Ukraine and the appeal of the President of Ukraine, on Monday, November 26, at 16:00, I will come up an incredible session (meeting – Ed.) O Rada Verkhovna o Ukraine", – He wrote on his Facebook page on Monday night.

01:12 – President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko said he supported the Military Committee's proposal on the introduction of martial law because of the assault on the Ukrainian ships near the River Kerch.

00:47 – – During the meeting of the National Security Council and Protection of Ukraine decided on imposed martial law in Ukraine. The decision was taken due to the actions of the Russian Federation in the Azov Sea.

00:34 – Experts explained what results can bring martial law possible. In particular, Ukrainians can expect to limit a number of rights and freedoms.

00:15 – Live newsletter the emergency NSDC meeting on the situation in Azov Sea.

00:08 – After the Russian embassy in Kiev, collected a spontaneous protest: participants came with paperboats and car tires.

November 25

23:43 – In the Federal Security Service Russian confirmed Ukrainian vacuum ships shells and retention. At the same time, the Russians said that the Ukrainians allegedly made "another attempt of illegal actions"

23:36 – At an emergency meeting NSDC will consider the issue of martial law in connection with the events on the Azov.

23:29 – Vice-Speaker and Verkhovna Rada Irina Gerashchenko reported on the condition of the injured Ukrainian sailors.

23:16 – Extend to Sea Azov is the main theme for users of social networks.: Ukrainians expressed their anger active, and volunteers recalled the army's help.

22:43 – Ukraine conveys United Nations Security Council emergency meeting due to aggravating situation in the Azov Sea.

22:39 – In During the assault, the Russians were challenged six Ukrainian sailors. Two of the ships caught, the invaders lead pull, and another has stopped and is escorted by attackers.

22:26 – The FSB said that Russian "Set on the other course" three Ukrainian ships that bind Berdyansk to the river Kerch.

21:58 – President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko collected an emergency of the National Security Council on the situation in the Azov Seaand has also instructed diplomats to inform the G-7, EU, and NATO countries.

In turn, Prosecutor General, Yury Lutsenko, said that the GPU, together with the Security Service of Ukraine, had started the investigation into the fact that it was aggressive. He said that the rope of the Ukrainian Russian Russians was an act of aggression.

21:06 – – Ukraine is preparing an appeal to the UN Security Council for the Russians' attacks in the Azov Sea. "The serious behavior of an attacker can only be prevented by interlinked efforts!" – wrote the representative of Ukraine in the organization Vladimir Yelchenko.

20:45 – – The Russians opened fire on defeating Ukrainian boats in the River Kerch. Berdyansk's artillery boat was damaged and one Ukrainian sailor died.

20:21 – FSB ships from Russia followed Ukrainian vessels, asking for prevention and threatening with the use of weapons. Ar one of the ships was transferred to special forces, who were preparing for a residence.

The assault began the kid of the Ukrainian theft by the border ship "Don"which belongs to the Federal Federation Federal Security Service, and later it became known that Ukrainian Navy ships were fired after losing their course, and after that they were caught. It was also reported for the injury of two APU makers.

Lately video to publish a minute of a ram, which, according to the Minister of Internal Arsenal Avakov, was interrupted by the Ukrainian security forces, who obviously heard how he ordered the Russian ship order to go to a collision with a smaller vessel of Ukrainian Navy.

Note, the video contains profanity!

In addition, according to the Ministry of Defense, during the assault, the Russians used helicopters and military aircraft, and A special look was carried out by special forces. In turn, the Ukrainian sailors dropped themselves in their cabin.

It's worth noting that FSB said – Ukraine did not co-ordinate their ships' journey on the Kerch River, which broke the "border of the Russian state", accordingly Moscow takes "all the measures to ensure the safety of navigation.

In turn, President Permanent Representative of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Boris Babin, RF is stimulating in favor of the Ukrainian side.

Despite this Ukrainian ships succeeded in reaching the Kerch River, which is Russia, taking "security measures", has stopped to civilian courts.

It was also reported that the movement in both directions was stopped in connection with a underwater tank. However, this information was not upheld – it became known that the Russian Federation was deliberately blocking the movement.

In addition, to go with the group of Ukrainian ships Russia forced combat helicopters. In turn, The to help Ukrainian shipping from Berdyansk port out of two armed artillery ships "Gyurza" class.

Later it became known Russia sent an Su-25 assault to the River Kerch.

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