Tuesday , August 9 2022

“Rebrov came to Palkin with Ferencváros for Petryak, but Ivan MOL-Vidi, reports Viktor Vatsko – chose football.


Ukrainian commentator Viktor Vatsko said new details about the possible transformation of Ivan Petryak from Shakhtar to Ferencvarosh.

“I spoke at Rebrov. Even in winter, Ferencvaros offered to Shakhtar. Then he did not agree.

A few weeks ago Rebrov met personally with Palkin – he brought a new proposal from Ferencváros. And Shakhtar was.

Petryak goes to MOL-Vidi. He chose it. But Ferencvaros tried to buy Ivan, ”wrote Vacco.

Ukraine has assisted Ferencvaros with twenty-one promoters. Ale with Rebrova check bіlshy

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