Thursday , June 30 2022

Pugacheva refused to speak because of illness :: Show business ::


The singer made an important statement. He will not go on stage in his friend's birthday. The fans are scared.

November 10 in the "Olympic" sports complex will be the dedication of the 50th anniversary of Leonid Agutin's birthday concert. On the stage of his song, he had to perform a host of domestic stars: Grigory Leps, Sergey Shnurov, Vladimir Presnyakov, Emin Agalarov, Angelika Varum, the Voice project participants. The first in the board board was Alla Pugacheva. Indeed, for that reason, a number of ticket viewers bought.

But just what has become known – Diva will not. "I dream of performing in a concert by Leonid Agutin, and the song is so cool, but I can not. I'll be ill. Lyonya, I promise you and your music We're sorry for what happened, "said the artist on his social network page.

In an interview with, Agutin was particularly pleased to take part in Pugacheva in a creative evening. He has jinxed! "I'm calling Alla Borisovna, invited me to take part, and he agreed immediately," said the artist. "Oh all the songs, he chose and wanted to sing the song" You cry "of the 2016 album" Just about the importance "(after it was released, he won the first place in the album chart Russia from iTunes Store. – About Ed.) True, I wrote this song of men's name, "continued Agutin. – There are words in the chorus: "You cry on my shoulder, why are you so beautiful, sometimes unbearable" But Alla Borisovna said she will "change the sex" of this song, change slightly oh words. He is honored that she is taking part in a concert and does not choose the most untwisted song. "

Fancies pray for the health of Alla Pugacheva, who is 69 years old and hopes that the birthday concert scheduled for April 17 next year at Kremlin Palace will still take place. It should sell tickets, as they say, around the artist, start before the New Year, and prices can reach 70,000 rubles.

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