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Prince Charles, illegitimate son, claimed the right to the throne: "Diana and not know." Politeka

A man from the name Simon Dorante-Dane announced to the whole world that he is the illegitimate son of the Prince of Charles Charles and the second wife of Camilla Parker-Bowles

He is known that Simon 55, who had said in an interview that he was born when Camilla was not only the prince's mistress, and so no one knew about it. It is alleged that the boy is given to be adopted secretly.

The man claims that Charles Diana's first wife knows of his existence, and that his heart is broken. She was going to betray the fact that Charles had an illegal child in public, but this was stopped by her death in a car accident.

Born on April 5, 1966, Simon learned all the years about the relationship between Prince Charles and Camilla. Gosport town, near Portsmouth, is a potentially genuine birthplace. It is known that when the 18-year-old boy had been given to the British family Karen and David Day.

His adoptive grandmothers, Winifred and Ernest, were currently working for Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's husband in one of their estates. That is the grandparent that alleged his grandson's story of his birth.

"My grandmother told me in a while that I was a son of Charles and Camilla. It was just a suggestion, but he talked about it directly," says Simon.

Dorante Day also showed a picture for journalists in his youth, and looks like a young man like Tom Parker-Bowles, the son of Camilla. According to the new heir to the throne, many others also noted that he was like the queen and Prince William.

Simon and his wife now live in Australia. His wife does not doubt the words of loyal.

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"We are confident that members of the royal family keep Simon home at home for up to one year and a half. And Diana knew she intended to declare it publicly," he said. ; r girl.

However, representatives of the royal family did not comment on the statement.

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As reported by Politeka, Prince Harry hugged the ATO veteran.

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