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Presidential election. Western allies of Ukraine gave a description of the main candidates


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Presidential election. Western allies of Ukraine gave a description of the main candidates - Reuters - photo

Radio Liberty

Poroshenko, Tymoshenko and Zelensky are considered prime candidates in the elections.

the presidential election in Ukraine is worried European partners fear
that the results of the vote could lead to a slowdown in existing reforms
spend so much effort.

About this
referring to the reports of a western diplomatic agency

According to them, on
today elections were reduced to the battle between Petro Poroshenko, Yulia
Tymoshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. And if the first two are already familiar
overseas partners, the latter remains "dark
horse. "

Of course, we know what we get with Poroshenko. We assume that we know that
get with Tymoshenko. Under Zelensky, we have no idea, "one of the

In Europe
fears that the president's issue of the president's reform could compromise communication
with the EU and providing international funding to Ukraine, while changing the balance
forces to the Russian Federation.

very clear position, at least on paper, we have
conflict in Russia and adhere to pro-European views. It's not perfect, but
we know, we worked with him, "said another European
the diplomat.

In turn, the candidacy
Zelensky, on the other hand, is ambiguous. Because of his connections with the oligarch Igor
Kolomoisky European politicians are afraid that if he wins the election, he is
may raise the question of fate Privat Bank, has nationalized in 2016.

"It will double
We strive in the framework of the claim in the case of PrivatBank in all possible jurisdictions? About
one needs to think about this, ”said one of the diplomats.

At the same time there is
those who do not believe Zelensky collusion with Kolomoisky, but the political deficit
the presidential candidate's experience still causes them some doubt.

much expectation from a person with no political experience. He looked
is absolutely sincere, but we can only judge by results ", – noted in

In terms of
Tymoshenko, she is also a very controversial candidate for the EU.

When she was
planted in 2011 behind bars by Viktor Yanukovych regime, many of them spoke
her support, but she has now been reminded of a disgraceful gas deal with Russia, t
which caused huge damage to Ukraine.

"She's in
To some extent, he has lost his reflection of martyrdom, "said one

whoever became president, one of the strengths of the elections in Ukraine in light
The West is that they are truly competitive, unlike Russia.

At the same time in
Europe does not rule out that their results can be overshadowed by accusations of
fraud and protests.

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