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Power Driving Championship – a sixth grade from the Zhytomyr region set a world record for a clan period


A Ukrainian schoolhouse sets a world record for the backlog

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It is said that the woman's growth – 30 kg, and rises 70 kg

Sixth grader from the city of Malin, the Zhytomyr region, Tatiana Korostel set a world record for the first time in the power abstraction championship. The championship took place in Kiev on 23-25 ​​November. On the achievement of small champion reports, the Malinsky City Council press service.

"Tatiana Korostel, the sixth-grader of the lyceum №1, appeared first in competitions at this level, showing a total of 115 kg. A woman who weighs only 30kg, not only takes the first place and to receive a gold medal, but also set a world record for the first time in its weight category, breaking the barbell weighed 70 kg, "reported.

In total, over 350 athletes, including representatives from Mongolia, Latvia, Finland, the USA, India, Turkey, Georgia, and other countries, took part in the championship in power removal, male and female crush among women and men.

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Deadlift is an exercise that is performed with a barbell, as well as with sweat or weight, holding them between your legs with two hands. When lift performances work almost 3/4 of the total muscle mass.

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