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Players hide the economic model of Artifact. The game user rating of Metacritic was 2.8 points Artiffact


On November 29 night, Valve released the collectible Artifact card game. After the release, it's all up to the top 4 online on Steam, the second only to CS: GO, Dota 2 and PUBG. However, only 59% were the user rating of the game in the store, even worse at metacritic indicators – 2.8 points. The main claims of the players are related to the economic model Artifact According to the owners of the game, too much investments are needed.

Most users praise the mechanics of games. They note that Richard Garfield and Valve have managed to create an exciting, but deep and complex SPG with an interesting truck. However, according to many, Artiffact is impossible to play without extra investment of money.

Welcome to Pay-2-Play! Excellent game quality, excellent mechanics, great ENT, but all this is created with one goal – to squeeze more money from you. Everything here requires payment, including competitive methods. At present there is no school, scales or progress system. Not even achievements, just imagine! If you do not spend hundreds of euros on the game, do not even touch it.

On Metacritic, players talk about the same problem.

I'd like to rate this higher to this game. It's really fun to play, it's obvious from its quality that this is a game of the Fix. Skill plays a great role in it, and it's very interesting.

But then money comes into play. First you have to buy the game – this is normal. But then you have to buy sets with a crew of repetitive cards. Of course, they can be sold on the trading floor, but their cost will be incredible, because people only have scarce cards. $ 30 [~2 000 руб. — прим. ред.] I'm a good card – for example, for Ax – this pays-2-win

Game editions were not currently matching the new Valve game. The only review published at Porth Destructoid, Artifact graduated 85 points.

This is a product for those who love card games. It has an incredible set of honest and unique mechanics, and the ability to oppose an opponent is much more important than luck and an element of chance. Despite the fact that the game is based on the Dota universe 2, you do not need to know the heroes or world history of this MOBA to enjoy Artifact. All you need is $ 20 and creative thinking.

In order to buy Artifact, players receive twenty cards – tackle black-green and magic blue – ten sets of cards, one month of Dota Plus subscription and five entry tickets. These tickets need to take part in competitive ways that you can win a set of new cards and tickets. Without them, only players, regular times and games with other users that players can play with, and which victories do not give awards.

Extra packages of five tickets can be purchased for 320 rubles. Card sets cost 120 rubles each. To participate in the complete draft mode, you will need two tickets and five sets of cards. For five wins in this way, you will receive 2 tickets, three sets of cards and you will be able to keep 60 other cards that you choose during the draft.

Buy Artifact on Steam, click here. Valve promised to hold a tournament on the game at the beginning of 2019, and his champion will receive a million dollars. Wetiflay's Artificial Championship will start on November 29th – 10,000 will compete. The grid of the competition is available here.

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