Tuesday , January 19 2021

Olya Polyakova and Santa Dimopulos fell in social networks because of Zelensky

Olya Polyakova and Santa Dimopulos fell in social networks because of Zelensky

Photo: Instagram

The actress did not agree on the presidential candidate.

Singer Olya Polyakova congratulated the show stars Vladimir Zelensky with access to the second round of presidential elections. According to the calculation of 90% of protocols, Studio Quarter leader got 95.26% of the vote, leaving their closest opponents Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko behind them. And while some colleagues, Zelensky, rejoice in his political success, others are angry.

Polyakova took part in a number of projects in the "Quarter" and did not hide her electoral sympathy. In Instagram, the artist has posted a picture with Zelensky and has written under: "We live in an interesting period, gentlemen! Congratulations, @zelenskiy_official".

Under this post there are more than 4.5 thousand comments. One of them was left by a former member of the band "VIA Gra" Santa Dimopoulos: "In a ridiculous, I'd say …".

Under the comment given by Santa, the discussion began immediately. On the arguments in terms of defending Zelensky, Dimopoulos replied: "Would you give your family and all your relatives in a new plane to a person who only plays a pilot role? Turn on your brain. This is useful . "

Polyakova did not leave this comment without comment. "What is a treacherous opinion. I believe that a great film has been created, creating successful and profitable projects is much harder than making money at the top. And at the expense of the benefits … And it seemed that the two-time conviction is more professional? he? "

In the comments to the mail there are many exclaims in the spirit of "Unsubscribe" or "You are no longer my favorite singer." Polyakova answered everyone, they say, democracy in our country, so I have the right to vote for that I want.

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