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Ole Tsibulskoy car returned to steal


In early May, Olya Tsibulskaya reported that her car was stolen

Ole Tsibulskaya returned the car

Ole Tsibulskaya returned the car


Two weeks ago, the Ukrainian presenter and singer Olya Tsibulskaya reported the sad news – they kidnapped her car from the car park at Syretsky Park. The star wrote immediately about it in social networks, asking for help for subscribers.

A few days later, Olya Tsibulskaya admitted she was called by fraudsters who claimed she owned information about the location of her car. The attackers demanded a ransom from the artist, threatening to spoil her vehicle.

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And literally only Olya Tsibulskaya He published an emotional video where she said she had found his car! A TV presenter could not catch back tears of happiness.

“People, I'm reading, clean, I'm crying happy – you knew my car. The justice of Vreshti-resht is still worth it! ”, – says Olya with tears in her eyes.

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Earlier, we also wrote that Olya Tsibulskaya had mentioned the reason why she was hiding her husband.

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