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Nikolai Rastorguev has changed a lot: Lube's soloist turned 62 years old –



Film actor, politician, musician and successful singer Nikolay Rastorguev known to most people due to the popularity of the Soviet group "Lube". Many people know this real Russian pop beam beam. How has the artist's life changed over the decades, and whether Rastorguev himself has changed, Joinfo.ua will say.

Happiness for a number of years: Rastorguev's supporters congratulated Instagram

Nikolay Rastorguev's personal page on Instagram featured a new picture. The singer himself announced selfie and signed the picture as follows: "Happy Birthday to Me!" In fact, the singer was named on February 21 in 1957. The actor is currently 62 years old.


In the comments to the post, several leading admirators of the "Lyube" Soviet group left around 1,500 congratulations, and thanked Nikolai Rastorguev for his work, incredible talent and smart topics.


"Happy Birthday! Thanks for your songs, in which they have so much sense and soul! I wish you health and happiness for many years!", "Happy birthday for you! There is a lot of health, joy and love you in the new year of life "," Kolenka, happy birthday! Healthy strong and spiritual warmth !!! "," Happy Birthday, Nikolai Vyacheslavovich! You are the pride of our country! her voice and her soul! I would like you to create creative and new health projects! "Russia's business show subscribers were noted.

Network users have noticed that the soloist "Lube" is very old

In just four hours after the post was published, the singer's score scored more than 10,000 people. Note that some of Rastorguev's followers on the social network, Instagram, have written that the singer has been very old and has changed. You can barely recognize it in the picture.


However, if you see the remaining posts in the artist's profile, then everything goes back to it. In the Nicholas tape – star pictures with star friends, behind the home of the group's concert life, as well as videos of the gym. Despite its age, Rastorguev is watching herself, and also travels around Russian cities with performances. In the beginning of February 2019, the group "Lyube" opened the 30th season of concerts.

Recall earlier that we have already written that fans of a popular artist are beginning to notice significant the decline of the appearance of Rastorguev. Most likely, chronic kidney disease in the singer is so known.

Photo: nvrastorguev

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