Saturday , February 27 2021

New cryptocurrency broke to top 10 through capitalization / News /

Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency, which appeared after Hardcoin Bitcoin Money on November 15, takes 7th on capitalization, but immediately falls to the 9th position, joining the top 10 & # 39 market.

The cost of a new Bitcoin SV cryptocurrency at 3:20 am on November 27 was $ 2.13 billion, a 7th market position, and subsequently capitalized to $ 1.58 billion (9th place). Bitcoin SV lost the Tether and Litecoin advance.

Closes the top 10, according to Coinmarketcap cryptocurrency, Cardano, which costs $ 893 million.

Bitcoin SV is extremely volatile now.

Even on November 23, the "coin" costs around $ 38, as on November 26, it jumped to $ 123 (three times). But by 14:12 on November 27, Bitcoin SV averaged £ 90.7 (-23.14%) on average.

The original Bitcoin Cash is 4th site with a capitalization of $ 2.99 billion (-17.38% in the last 24 hours).

Hashrate war between bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV may be close to completion after the last team announced that he had left claims for the original Bitcoin Cash chain and intended to focus on creating its own requests, Brochure reports .

Coingeek, Kelvin Air, says that the two obstacles formed by hard buses, Bitcoin Cash, on November 15, have completely different goals, and that there is nothing that could merge them in the future. In this regard, Bitcoin SV does not claim the name Bitcoin Cash (Bch), and that Bitcoin SV is now in the original Bitcoin, as Satoshi Nakamoto awarded.

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