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National Guardians Day 2019: March 26 marks the fifth birthday


Ukraine is celebrating National Guard Day

Photo: NSU press service

Today in Ukraine – National Guard Day

In Ukraine, on Tuesday, March 26, celebrate five years since the creation of the National Guard of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, March 26, Ukraine marks the Day of the National Guard of Ukraine. This is reported by UNN.

In particular, it is noted that Ukraine this year marks the fifth anniversary of the creation of the National Guard.

The National Guard's main tasks are known to protect the lives, rights, freedoms and interests of citizens from other criminal and illegal trespass, to protect the country's constitutional system and territorial integrity.

The NSU personnel are recruited by mandatory military conscription officers and contract soldiers. There are currently six active territorial societies in the country's regions.

As reported, on the occasion of the holiday, President Poroshenko congratulated the army.

Recall that the troops of the Inner Ministry in 2015 are renamed the National Guard, and laid a new holiday on March 26 – Day of the National Guard of Ukraine.

Earlier, President Petro Poroshenko dismissed, through his decree, the post of deputy manager of the National Guard of Ukraine, Major-General Valery Bondar, giving it to the manager of the CEU.

It was also reported that, with the headquarters personnel of the National Guardian of Ukraine in the joint operations, held fire and tactical training sessions.

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