Thursday , May 26 2022

NASA was the first shot of Mars – the latest technology news


InSight NASA's research spacecraft traded Mars's first planet image.

This has been identified in the official Twitter sections. "InSight from NASA took the first picture of the Mars planet face," – he said in a message.

NASA noted that the picture was taken soon after the InSight landing on Mars on November 26. Seismography will work on the InSight, as well as a geophysical thermometer, which will be installed in five meters well to measure Mars depth temperatures. One of the auditor's instruments will track the planet's rotation variations with high accuracy, which will help determine the mass distribution in depth and better understand the internal structure of the planet.

Initially, NASA planned that InSight will travel to Mars in March 2016. However, due to failures in the implementation of the SEIS seismometer, manufactured by engineers and French scientists on the CNES order, the launch was moved to the first half of 2018.

The landing procedure started at 9:47 p.m. in Kiev, and after only six minutes the search was on the surface of the planet. All systems of the device, as shown by telemetry data from Mars-Odyssey, operate in a moderate way.

As scientists reported, good weather and low air pollution contributed to successful landing. The mission was not stopped by dust storm residues that began on March in the middle of summer.

As OBOZREVATEL said, on Monday, November 26, an automated interpolastic station of the American space agency, NASA-InSight, on Mars's side.

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