Thursday , August 11 2022

MyEtherWallet adds cryptocurrency to Fiat without authentication


MyEtherWallet introduced a popular cryptocurrency wallet with the Swiss Bity company, a Fiat service, which allows you to exchange digital assets for Euros and Swiss francs without validating.

It is noted that the service is available to all bank account holders with an international bank account number (IBAN).

"The possibility of removing cryptocurrencies is Fiat back without constantly authenticating the law on opposing money laundering in Switzerland", – add to MyEtherWallet.

To use Fiat, the user in the asset exchange department must specify Bity as the service provider. You will also need to provide a telephone number, bank account details and billing address.

This information is passed to Bity to comply with legal requirements and MyEtherWallet does not store it.

The maximum transaction size is limited to 5,000 francs (approximately $ 5,000).

Recall that earlier in February, MyEtherWallet developers introduced a recent application interface – MEW V5.

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