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My MIX 3 – Xiaomi Smartphone Slider Review

My MIX 3 - Xiaomi Smartphone Slider Review

Frame screens have become one of the main innovations in smartphones in recent years. But most have one small tone – neckline where additional cameras, speakers and sensors are installed. Some manufacturers have a limited function, leaving there, for example, just the camera. But basically nothing was changed, because the neckline was still waiting. There were also options when there was one wider frame on the one side of the screen where the camera and other sensors had locked, but in this case, it was only conditional the smartphone phone could be called. The Xiaomi company is one of the few who tried to get out of this vicious circle, releasing the Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 slider, and its frame is very thin, and there is no screen cut. Today in the review we will meet it.


The number of different models of the company may at some time be confusing, and a new appearance rate is higher than a number of brands A. He reached the point that there could be several leading models, with no mention of two options on for a leading lead. The most prominent in the Xiaomi line is the # 8, which has a more expensive version with a transparent and more accessible case with the Lite prefix.

The Mi MIX line maker started as experimental; if you remember, the first Mi MIX was with one "thick" edge, and it was also discriminated by a piezo-dynamic speaker. But it was followed by Mi MIX 2 and 2, whose concept did not change globally, and the features and design were only completed. Therefore, the Mi MIX 3 to some extent returns the status to the manager as the device accepts the slider mechanism and a very thin display frame for the first time during the maker model.

Package and first impressions

This smartphone box with everything you need and a couple of additional accessories. Unfortunately, we only came to the test, even without a box or charger. For the limit customer, naturally, the whole set will be introduced, namely: a power supply unit with support for quick and mobile charging, "clip", adapter for standard headphones, case, induction charging station ( also with support for quick charging) and documentation.

The start of MIX 3 is not very different from the rest of the company's smart phones. Everything works according to expectations. In part, it is similar to the Mi 8, which has a similar backup. But the features of the case do not give the rest at the beginning, for a very long period conventional monobloads appear on the market, and here we have slippers.

Design and utility

At first glance, we face another mobile phone with a long screen and a brilliant body. But this is a slippery. The display unit can be slightly reduced, opening the front cameras. So they did without the cuts of the screen. And to whom it would not fall into the hands, the first comment is: "This is a true mobile phone." And the second step of recognition with the device becomes a click slider.

In our case, the engine had a little backup in the first place and could be tapped lightly, if the display unit was moved from side to side, even without effort. This is probably a design feature. We do not know how reliable this mechanism is, but it can be assumed that it can be temporary and obstructing over time.

If you only open it to activate the front cameras (yes, two of them) and / or answer the call, then most of the time smart phones will be familiar, with glass in front, ceramics "back", and aluminum base between them. All this is glossy and the closest cover is most likely. The fall of such a phone is reversed in every way, because ceramic and glass will break, and the frame will bend at the same time. And this does not mention the fact that the smartphone itself can fall into two parts. And you can drop it when it interacts, and it will have to be done quite often, because the body is quite large: 157.89 × 74.69 × 8.46 mm, weight – 218 grams. Color options are limited to three: black, blue and green. In this case, the smartphone will always be great from each side.

As mentioned previously, in the hands I feel like Mi 8. Of the controls, it's worth noting an additional button on the left hand side to call the voice assistant (in China, a corporate voice assistant, and the global versions of the device, is a Google Assistant). By doubling the button, you can turn the camera quickly. Tasks can be redesigned, but the choice of opportunities is small. Even in control, you can reject virtual buttons and put in place gestures. Few familiar, you can cope with this, but the reaction speed and animation of what is happening is slightly lower than the standard standard standard management model. For the fast and convenient unlocking of the device, only a fingerprint scanner on the back side, the front cameras does not recognize the owner's identity. True, the scanner works fast and well, it's enough.

According to subjective impressions, the smartphone was a success. If you do not think about the possible damage to the slider, then you liked the design and the sensory use. Of course, hiding the smartphone in the case, it will not be so beautiful, but it's really safer. Those users who do not fear small scratches and do not drop their smart phones, especially as this experience.


The entire screen panel is given to the screen. It occupies 93% of space in front, and its cross line is 6.39 inches. The decision is not upper, but it was quite enough – 2340 × 1080 pixels (403 ppi). Ratio ratio 19.5: 9. Screen corners have been rounded and slightly duplicate the shape of the case. The frames are very small (except the bottom is slightly larger than the rest). All of this looks, of course, striking.

Under the glass the AMOLED matrix is ​​manufactured by Samsung. Calibration in standard settings shows a disorder picture. We will not say it's uncomfortable, just by comparing directly with a more accurate screen, you can see more saturation. But in this case in the settings there are items that allow you to install it. There is also an evening way that prevents blue colors to get more comfort with nighttime. In general, the photo is good, and for such a large screen it's important. The only thing when turning it will obviously AMOD, the colors change are obvious. But when using a smart phone, I rarely look at the screen at an angle of this type.

The maximum illumination of 425 cd / m² with such a matrix is ​​enough not to worry about reflections on a sunny day. At the same time, the light sensor behaves well. The sensor identifies up to 10 correctly, but there is a problem. Due to the small frames and the large screen, there are random touches. And no matter whether one hand holds the phone, or two. It may be a matter of time, but when I experience the smartphone, I often encounter such touches. The rest of the screen and the image as.


As the main speaker is only working. Unfortunately, speaking, unfortunately, is not about playing media and gaming. This, in my opinion, would be useful. Audio quality is pretty good. Punctually, other priorities sound better, but Mi MIX 3 sound is not really losing. The speaker is not just the most high and balanced, but the smartphone is not as expensive as the best players in the market. In any case, with the adapter you can connect your optional headphones, and the most wires will play predictable.

The speaker has locked on the second half of the slider, while the cut is slightly above the display. A ditch of the pockets falls easily on the speaker and can clog it. True and clean it's absolutely easy. With smartphone chat functions everything is organized.

Performance and Software

Mi MAX 3 has the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor already familiar with the Adreno 630 video. In the basic version that came to us for the test, there were 6 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage, but then some more expensive that could contain 8 GB of RAM and memory twice as much drive. 10 GB is adapted to the Excluded City, and the drive will have an abundance of 256 GB. Naturally, both SIM cards support LTE, and the smartphone itself was one of the first to support 5G (only the European versions will be released in the first quarter of 2019 ). It also has Wi-Fi and NFC and Bluetooth 5.0. In general, the standard package for smart-top phones by different makers.

Naturally, it works quickly and quickly. Today, it's hard to find a very hard "iron" task. Even despite the fact that I got the basic version, there is nothing to complain about. If the device with 8 GB of RAM could delay something in the background open, but with six you can not say that there are definite problems.

The smartphone came with Android 9 (October security record) and the MIUI proprietor launcher The system is also quick, as expected from a higher device. But some animations could be faster. Again, this will only be addressed by users who are very hard, and the ordinary buyer is unlikely to find fault.


In a few seconds, as for slider, a case, the engineers were still able to put the inside in with the smallest battery. His ability was 3200 mAh. This was enough for 8.5 hours in the PCMark independence test (there is no screen, unfortunately, at the end of the test, the program is crashed, but for the remaining battery charge and activity time screen, it was possible to make a definite conclusion). Actually, I had enough battery for a 5-6 hour screen operation, with small remains. Games and a large number of videos through the LTE connection, of course, can reduce this time.

As the complete memory did not reach our office, it was not possible to check the charging time. Again, just note that the smartphone quickly supports charging in accordance with the Qualcomm QuickCharge 4.0 standard and can be restored in induction stations.


Among the company's smart phones, and most competitors, the Mi MIX 3 was found not only by the body, but also by the number of cameras. Anyone with a double double unit is impossible to surprise, but two cameras are still rare. The main bundle consists of two 12 megapixel cameras, and a pair of 24-a-2-megapixel sensors in front. Most of these cameras have already been informed in the reviews of the manufacturer's smart phones.

The set of possibilities is also almost the same. The camera's "hard" is the AI ​​mode, where the camera must now understand what is in the frame and how to improve the image using the information this. This mainly works with saturation, contrast and lighting. We can leave HDR and AI enabled, their work does not have a negative impact on pictures, and such a combination is suitable for day and night lighting. In the last case, you can take an Evening Mode, which will take a little more time per frame, but the picture will have fewer highlights and more detail. In any case, there is an automatic and so good mode, and the photos are received from the first attempt.

Video can be shot up to 4K, and a video moving slowly even at a speed of 960 frames. Again, nothing new compared to which other Xiaomi smartphones of the highest line showed.

Example of video recording in a 4K solution:

Slow Offer Example:

Front cameras are also good even in difficult circumstances. When you open, the slider instantly starts the application and turns the way for selfie. Again, there is not really an extra sensor for moving with depth, while other models have one. But to date, the result is not worse, although not much better.

We were also informed of the camera application. There are no basic things, the same logic and the good speed.

Advantages: An unusual body and a nice appearance; display a frame without breaking and image quality; sound; performance; equipment; fingerprint scanner; cameras

Cons: The reliability of the design and its resilience is skeptical, there are no stereo speakers

Conclusion: Slider – rare among modern smart phones. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 was able to combine an unusual form factor, upper features and a truly frameless frame display. Worse, this highlighted the typical slider problems, whose mechanism is a bit skeptical. But for those consumers who are not afraid of such problems and wanting something that really stands out of the crowd of smart phones each, there is a good candidate for this role.

Technical specifications

My MIX 3 - review of Xiaomi smartphone slide "style =" float: left; right-edge: 15px;Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 6 / 128GB Du
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Good Mobile phone
OS has to set in advance Android 9.0 (Darn)
Built-in memory, GB 128
Slot expansion – –
Type of SIM card Nano-sim
Number of SIM cards 2
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 + GPU Adreno 630
Number of ponds 8
Frequency, GHz 4×2.8 + 4×1.8
Rechargeable battery Li-Pol, 3200 mAh (can not be removed)
Opening hours (maker data) no data
Linear inlet 6.39
A decision 2340×1080
Math Matrix AMOLED
PPI 403
Dimming Sensor +
Other 2.5D, a contrast of 60000: 1
Main camera, MP 12 (f / 1.8) + 12 (f / 2.4)
Video shooting 4K (60 fps)
Flash + (LED LED)
Front camera, MP 24 (f / 2.2) + 2
Transfer of high speed data GPRS / EDGE / UMTS / HSPA + / LTE Cat18
Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac (Dual band, MIMO 2×2)
Bluetooth 5.0 (aptX, aptX HD)
GPS + (Galileo, Glonass, BeiDou, QZSS)
Irda – –
FM radio +
Sound jack – –
Interface connector USB 2.0 (Math-C)
Size, mm 157.89×74.69×8.46
Weight, g 218
Secure and protect the moisture – –
Body type monoblock (not folded)
Body material ceramics + aluminum
Type of keyboard screen input
More Fast Charging (Fast Payment 3.0, Fast Charge 4.0+), 10W Wireless Charge, fingerprint scanner

The editors are grateful to the "Hello" online shop for providing Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 to review

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