Tuesday , January 19 2021

Microsoft has released a Face Laptop to update 2

Microsoft has released a Face Laptop to update 2Microsoft has updated the Face Book 2, preparing it with an 8th Intel generation processor which is 4-core.

Microsoft Unpublished Corporation has updated the basic model of Surface Book Laptop 2.

Now, buyers will have access to a basic laptop configuration with a 4-core i5-8350U Core Intel processor, whose improved operating frequency reaches 3.6 GHz. Other technical features of the device have not changed significantly. As of the front, the device carries on an 8 GB board of RAM and a solid state drive with a capacity of 256 GB.

Price configuration has been updated from Microsoft Surface Book 2 with an 8th-core 8-core Intel Core processor is $ 1,499. A previous version with a core 7-generation chip is offered at a more affordable price of $ 1,299.

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An addition on April 14th has been scheduled for an event that focuses on Surface products. As expected, information will be disclosed at the timing of availability and price of Surface Boost 2 devices, relevant accessories and office furniture from Steelcase.

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