Saturday , May 21 2022

Microsoft beat Apple at the site of the most expensive companies


The Microsoft market capitalization has become more than Apple. As a result, the coach of Cupertino has ceased to be the most expensive American company, reporting "Economy today".

According to the publication of analysts, the Microfost market capitalization is 753.3 billion dollars. A similar figure for Apple is currently approximately 746.8 billion at present.

The third on the list of the most expensive American companies was in Amazon – $ 736.8 billion. The online retailer was able to avoid alphabet, a Google parent company. Its capitalization is 725.5 billion.

Note that Apple has been in front of Microsoft in market capitalization since 2010. In August of this year, Apple became the first company in the world, its value is more than $ 1 billion.

Experts attribute the potential reduction in the value of shares and the company to call drop in for new iPhones. This mainly applies to Xs and Xr models. Due to poor sales, Apple has decided to resume the production of iPhone X last year.

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