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Lorak and Alekseeva sang in a duet


So, on Sunday, November 18, an individual solo concert of the ALEKSEEV singer was held in the main venue of the Belarus concert in the Palace of the Republic of Minsk.


All ALEKSEEV songs, starting from the first, sing the center with the artist! Like the hits: "The oceans have become", "Drunken Sun", "To Feel My Soul", "Forever", "And I Drink", and mention exciting new autobiography "How are you there", which was anticipating the day before. The unique voice of the singer was framed by the best musicians and the stunning quartet. The visual frame of the show was a sketch of the numbers on a large-scale video screen.

Alexeev's performance in Minsk

The old awaited ALEKSEEV and Ani Lorak – the special guests of the show are a real surprise for the audience! Note that Ani Lorak was 4 years ago, who gave the opportunity to a young new performer, Nikita Alekseev, to become a member of the popular "The Voice of the Land" project by pressing the interesting button.

And on the other day, the artist ALEKSEEV, winner of the "Singer of the Year" awards in several countries at the same time, shared one step with a mentor and sang in a single concert in Minsk. Together, Lorak and ALEKSEEV sang the same song as Alexeev's "pass pass" on the show 4 years ago – "Let's start". The audience was delighted!

Lorak Alekseev Minsk

In the end of the concert, no-one could sit in place – Palace of the Republic was dancing and singing along with ALEKSEEV! A museum, a sea of ​​flowers, presents and the most valuable – the love of people for Belarus's viewers, who came second home according to the performer himself – the concert part of the evening ended on such a high note!

Lorak and Alekseev were singing a duet

ALEKSEEV supporters from different countries came to the concert: Serbia, Lithuania, Italy, Ukraine and others, the star friends of the Belarus artist – Band Band Navi, Theo singer, Alena Lanskaya singer, television host and indicator Yevgeny Perlin, representatives from the Belarusian Culture Ministry, journalists from Belteleradiocompany.

lorak picture

The day after the show, ALEKSEEV social networks were filled with rave reviews. Fans wait eagerly for the two duo duo video shows.

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