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Kiev day and night: The 5 46 Season Series is watching online from 11/27/2018 on the New Channel

On Tuesday, November 27, 46 episodes of the 5-season episode of Kyiv Seriality will be shown on the air on November 27, day and night.

Watch the 46th series of season 5 Kiev day and night in Lite RBC-Ukraine.

Albina – old tempers Kiev day and night. For the past three years (and five terms), all of Ukraine has been following the life of this charming girl and friends and neighbors. And of course, she, as all the characters of the seriality, is constantly acknowledged. Albina told fans, gifts and hete in social networks.

About age

– I love our supporters! And they do not bother at all. I can read all the messages that write to me on social networks. When the first seasons of the project came out, they were predominantly teenagers aged 14-15. But furthermore, the biggest among our adult supporters is 20-30 years.

About shyness

– At first, I was shy about supporters, recognition. When asked and asked to take a picture, but you do not know how to respond. What's so special to me? My brain was "washed" by a friend. Once we walked through the center, I usually try to be incredible and we do not know. And she says: "Albina, do you understand that people see you and smile? Thank you to meet an opportunity with you, someone is in a good atmosphere. So everything is right." And I'll give the best to be shy. Why not? Gradually, I used to acknowledge. Indeed, in public transport it became harder to ride. You have to put a cap with a large visa so that people learn less.

For help and taxi drivers

– Recently there was a funny situation. I was driving home in a taxi. The taxi driver and myself quietly by the way. And when I went out and paid for a taxi, he said: "No, Albina, I will not let you pay for the trip. I have a wife, two children, and we all watch Kiev day and Thank you for your work and what you are bringing us with pleasure. Can I take you for free? And whatever, if you need to drive somewhere, dial me immediately! "All day , I smile.

Kiev day and night: series 5 season 46

Removal of the day of Kiev and night series

About Hayter

– Of course, I have them full. How much was over the years! I'm still writing about the appearance: they say you're fat, fat. But I learned to respect and even the love of these people. After all, they spend their time to write this, they're watching the project! And, at least, they give us scales. And criticism, like praise, is provoking me a lot.

For spies

– There was no serious victimization. But very often people follow us. When they want to take a picture, but they are scared. And so they stamp 2-3 kilometers – sometimes they pass, then they drag behind, they froze close and sigh. At first it was scary, but now I've used it. I do not understand why it's shy. I am an open person – I will take a picture with pleasure. Even talk, if there's a minute.

Kiev day and night: series 5 season 46Removal of the day of Kiev and night series

About gifts

– Many gifts are given to us at fan meetings. Hand-made toys, bracelets and bulldogs, posters, flowers! I remember once a girl came up and gave me one red rose and a card, which she made herself. It was very nice. All donations I gave in a special box and store.

Most of all I can love home posters. We'll share it with the men after the meetings and the shops. On the fridge in the apartment on Dneprovskaya (Kiev's heroes live there day and night, – ed.) We have a postcard with us all, which one of our supporters came to us and presented.

Watch the new episodes of Kiev series day and night from Tuesday to Thursday at 23:59 and on Friday at 23:40 on the New Channel.

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