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Katya Osadchaya showed her eldest son of first marriage


What's an adult: Katya Osadchaya showed a picture with the eldest son of her first marriage

Photo: instagram.com/kosadcha

Katya Osadchaya rarely shows a picture of her eldest son

The famous and present TV presenter Katerina Osadchaya, who was frightened with a deep excavation, was the firstborn of his eldest son. He shot the picture on her Instagram page.

"Pleasant with useful – a mother at work, Ilya in the performance," – the picture of Osadchaya to sign.

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Photo: instagram.com/kosadcha

It is worth noting that her first child, Ilya Osadchaya, was born in 2002, when she was married to the deputy of the people, Oleg Polishchuk. In 2004 they broke up.

Since 2017, Osadchaya is married to TV presenter, Yuri Gorbunov. February 18, 2017, the couple had a son, Ivan.

Netizens commented on a new lead.

"What is an adult," – wrote the user.

"You also do not show it?" – another noted.

"Katya always voices her son, Ilya, does not like to be photographed, and Katya, as her mother, wants to share photos with her son. So she's going out, I & # 39; do not believe so, "said Julia.

"You're charming and at the same time delicious," said Victoria Shinkovskaya.

"Cool! There's a son like an adult and it's still pretty small!" The feeling is different, but strong, "the user wrote.

"I can not believe you have a son as an adult," – said Alain.

"You're pretty beautiful. Happiness and health for you and your family," said Karina Fatyaeva.

Recall that the other Osadchaya day shows a light picture with a two-year anniversary.

Earlier it was reported that Katya Osadchaya and Yuri Gorbunov showed that they were giving her birthday anniversary as a birthday.

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