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Kate Middleton first mentioned the child Megan and Prince Harry – Glamor in the future

The Duchess also said that her older children were looking forward to Christmas.

The Duchess Kate Middleton of Cambridge during a visit to the city of Leicester, where she and Prince William Honor memory of the owner of a football club, for the first time on the child Megan Markle and Prince Harry in the future.

After the grief ceremony, the royal couple met with students from the local university, and began to ask Kate for her children and replenishment to come in the Royal British family.

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The Duchess said the five-year-old Prince and Princess Charlotte were three years old preparing for Christmas, and their seven-month-old Louis-old brother is growing rapidly.

They're fine, thank you. They look forward to Christmas, repeating holiday songs … I can not believe that Louis is already seven months and a boy is so big, "said Prince William's wife.

Students wanted to hear about a sudden birth of Prince Harry first and Megan Markle. According to Kate, the news was exciting to all the members of Queen Elizabeth II's family.

"The birth of a child is a special event, George, Louis and Charlotte will have a cousin or cousin, and this is something special," said Duchess of Cambridge.

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Earlier, Kensington Palace was officially congratulated Megan and Harry on behalf of members of the royal family, and now the Duchess himself said.

Note that abusive rumors among the outsiders begin to spread in Tabloids in the West, as if it were Megan before the marriage even brought the tears Kate Middleton. They say that lack of friendship between the two may have been one of the reasons for the future moving Megan and Harry from Kensignton Palacewhere they live with the rest of the royal family.

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