Sunday , July 25 2021

Jovichevich says I should talk to him in Ukrainian. Yes, I owe nothing to anyone ᐉ UA-Football

Kolos forward Yevgeny Seleznev spoke on Vatsko Live air about clash with Dnipro-1 head coach Igor Yovichevich.

– I’m not a conflicted person at all.

– I’ll dial Jovichevich and ask if you’re a conflicted person.

– Well, it’s a little different. First, I apologized. Secondly, I really think that – a person in my country can’t speak to me what language I speak.

I’m an emotional person. Sometimes emotions get in the way and sometimes help. I can’t ignore it if I don’t like something.

– Well, that’s a conflict situation.

– Initially, I asked him in English so that he doesn’t lean on the judge. I do not remember what I said. I really respect him as a coach. But he says I have to talk to him in Ukrainian. I owe no debt to anyone.

I speak Ukrainian very well, but I want to speak Russian. Why can’t I? Why would anyone forbid me to do this? I live in a free country.

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