Wednesday , March 3 2021

Jackie Chan's daughter married a 12 year old model

Chinese and American actress Jackie Chan, Etta Wu Zholin, 19, married the 31-year-old Canadian model, Andy Ot.

Photos of the new wedding and wedding marriages that have been posted on Instagram.

"If you never give love to the best and invest your soul, open mind and warm heart in creating the family you dream, it will help you to achieve happiness. Love kindly, he does not judge. Love is a power! " W Wu wrote.

The header to the image on the Andy Otom page says that the couple intend to return to Hong Kong.

The wedding ceremony was held on 8 November in Toronto.

Earlier, Etta Wu Zholin told the media that her father did not accept her unconventional sexual orientation and even kicked him out of the house.

In 2015, Jackie Chan's son, Jacey, was sentenced to six months for holding a drug dealer.

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